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Coaching and Retreats for personal and professional development. And maybe do a little racing as a way to learn…. Who wouldn’t love to do that?!

So, what exactly is it that we think racing has to do with business? Let’s see if you can relate to any of this:

When I started racing, I didn’t care what car I drove, how fast I was, or what anyone else was doing (ok I didn’t care as much LOL!). All I cared about was that I was out there too, in the driver’s seat. It was raw, passion, enthusiasm, and beginner’s glee just like it is for most folks…. Just like when we start a business, we are excited to be the man or woman with the keys to the castle, in the driver’s seat so to speak, running the show, raw enthusiasm, passion, and beginner’s glee talking about it to everyone, working day and night until we fall asleep at the desk…

After racing for a while, we start to realize there’s lot more to it than mashing the gas and slamming the brakes before each corner. As time goes on, we realize that along with the driver’s seat, comes the mishaps, things like brake failure.  When you realize you are going too fast and you mash down on that brake pedal and the response is nothing, nada… yeah, that’s an “uh oh” moment. If we are lucky, we aren’t at triple digits when the brakes take a piss. I however was… and it made for exciting times. I learned I could trust my training, I could trust the car to stick when I had to corner too fast, and I learned I never wanted brake failure again!

Just like in business, we jump off that cliff, run as fast as we can to generate sales, leads, referrals, build structures and strategies and then at some point a failure happens, either to us or our business, from going too fast. Maybe our back goes out or our family starts unraveling, or sales dry up. Or we freeze up and can do nothing. …

It’s usually about at this point that some veteran racers approaches, the give us advice, things that seem overly simple like: focus on technique first and speed will come, take lessons before spending money on components for the car, take everything out of the glove box before you go out on track… Why the glove box? It seems silly, what difference would a few papers and some receipts make…. None, unless the g force of the car on track springs open the glove box, the papers start flying around inside the cockpit and we can’t see where we are going because we so you’re busy swatting at them like a swarm of bugs has invaded. It makes racing a little tough at that moment!

Same in business, seasoned business folks will suggest things, simple things like: build the infrastructure, (a system) to accomplish your aim before you grow too big, pay attention to your processes, sometimes it’s the small steps we take, over and over again, that are what kill a business, trust your gut, if it doesn’t feel right in the beginning – it won’t get better over time (we’ve all learned that one many times over, right?).

Our programs are designed to help move past these common situations in business while having fun and going fast.

“A leader is a coach, not a judge”.

W. Edwards Deming

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.”.

W. Edwards Deming

“Learning is not compulsory… neither is survival”.

W. Edwards Deming

“Innovation comes from the producer – not from the customer.”

W. Edwards Deming

From Our Clients:

“I love seeing Cheryl on stage. Whether it’s speaking in front of a large room, or facilitating a more intimate coaching experience, she expertly and effortlessly steers them all to a more empowered state — transformed by her unique alchemy of sharp intelligence, hard-earned wisdom, powerfully authentic storytelling, and gut-busting humor.”

Amanda Johnson
Speaker, Messenger Coach, and Bestselling Author
Founder of True to Intention

“Cheryl has a confident command of her subject and her audience. She knows how to effectively assist people she mentors in a fun and non-threatening way”


“The Age of Enlightenment – Wonderful experience of listening & learning”

Anonymous Client

“Thank you! You opened my eyes today!”


“Great presentation! Thanks for the push”.


“The material is extensive and complex – Cheryl did an amazing job of covering the main points & giving a feel for the whole program in a very short period (not easy to do).- Very well done!”



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